The SEMAFO Foundation is currently working on the development and the monitoring of many projects.

We continue our work at the level of education through participation in the construction of schools, including latrines, equipment, and even school supplies for these schools. In addition, we focus on income generating projects and skill development by supporting local crafts and trade training, as well as funding health projects impacting women.

* Implementation of school canteens
* Implementation of Multifunctional Platforms (MFP)
* Production and processing of Shea butter
* Sesame production
* Prevention of cervical cancer
* Support for women with obstetric fistula
* Beekeeping Project
* Animal fattening Project
* Sewing Centres Project
* Layer poultry farming
* Animal-fattening (chicken, pig, sheep and rabbit)


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Area involved: Burkina Faso
Number of people affected by the activity: 3,197

To support teachers and improve school enrollment, the Foundation has developed, in collaboration with the Caravan of Hope, a workshop based on the approach of personal development through play and dance.

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Burkina Faso: in activity
20 villages were trained in microcredit

SEMAFO Foundation wanted to support women involved in income generating activities through training and the establishment of village banks. In cooperation with the Credit Union of Burkina Faso and Développement International Desjardins (DID), loans were granted exclusively to women for their income generating activities.

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Burkina Faso: in activity

In partnership with the oil company TOTAL Burkina, the SEMAFO Foundation has implemented the Sanitation project of Wona village with the EAA (Water and Sanitation for Africa), a specialized Pan African institution, as a technical partner for the study and the overall development of the project and its implementation.

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Burkina Faso: in activity in Bana, Wona and Kona

The aim of this project is to improve community quality of life by supplying drinking water and at a later date, electricity. Subdivision planning eventually contributes to the fight against poverty because the new infrastructures offer potential for income-generating activities.

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Area involved: Burkina Faso
The 2016-2017 campaign has screened 542 women

Cervical cancer contributes significantly to female mortality rates in Burkina Faso in addition to causing collateral damage to the family and the community of the affected woman.

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Area Involved : Burkina Faso and Niger
37,595 touched people and 44 villages involved through the OSEP / C since 2014

The Foundation has been supporting sporting activities since 2010 in five CEBs (basic education district) in the final of the OSEP tournament. Note that the OSEP tournament is a primary school event held nationally throughout Burkina Faso, and that the inter CEB final is followed by inter-provincial competitions and inter-regional matches.

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Burkina Faso: in activity
Niger: Project completed in 2014
8,036 people touched (until juin 30, 2017)

The establishment of COGES in schools enhances the quality of student life and makes for better behavior in the community, the latter which is required to develop a spirit of mutual support and solidarity to ensure the smooth running of the action plan activities.

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Area Involved : Burkina Faso
Motorcycle mechanics training: duration 45 days, 7 beneficiaries (2016-2017)

The specialized training makes a reference to all the formations financed by the Foundation to prepare the beneficiaries to be capable of exercising a job. It is formations which do not come true all in a formal educational frame, but which have the merit to give theoretical and/or practical skills to bring to a successful conclusion generative activities of income or to exercise a job. These practical formations open directly on the employment for the young people.

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Area involved : Burkina Faso
May 2016-2017 – 9 students and 1 teacher and 2 companions shared their knowledge with Burkina Faso’s firefighters

In November 2011, Colonel Silas Keita, commander of the National Fire Brigade in Burkina Faso, enlisted SEMAFO Foundation’s help in obtaining technical equipment and receiving specialized training for his team. With time, a partnership project was born, and eight months later, three professors from the department of fire safety from Collège Montmorency in Quebec left on a two-week trip to Burkina Faso.

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Burkina Faso: in activity

Fistula is a disease that excludes women from society. By supporting the Rama Foundation and MMS, SEMAFO Foundation helps restore physical integrity and dignity to many women, ensuring their social reintegration.

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