Dear donor,
Thank you for your generosity. The donations we receive until February 29, 2020 will be in direct support to the victims of the attack on November 6 in eastern Burkina Faso and their families, unless indicated otherwise.

- Each donation of $20 allows the SEMAFO Foundation to meet the school
supply needs of 5 students

- With $50, the Foundation can feed a child for an entire school year

- With $100, the Foundation can provide a farmer the tools
and seed necessary to produce enough to feed his family

Family support

Dear Donor,   Unless indicated otherwise, all donations received before February 29th, 2020 will be used to directly support victims of the November 6 attack in eastern Burkina Faso and their families. Thank you for your generosity, This post is also available in: French

$307000 Donated


Burkina Faso : in activity

In West Africa, for-profit ram farming is emerging as a popular activity in both rural and urban settings. The phenomenon is linked to the growing demand for good-quality meat concurrent with the population growth in urban areas. Demand spikes around the religious holiday periods (Tabaski, Christmas, etc.).


Burkina Faso: in activity

The hygiene and fertilization section is a multisectoral sustainable development project, as it takes into account the aspects of sanitation, environment, productivity and social cohesion. Inspired by the successful experience of the KOASSANGA Association in the locality of Barkouytenga, this project was carried out for the displaced households of the Boungou mine in the Eastern region.


Burkina Faso : in activity

Since May 15, 2010, the SEMAFO Foundation has been helping people of the region of Balé and Mouhoun in the production and marketing of sesame. For various reasons, sesame prices vary enormously. The overall objective of the warrantage is to fight against poverty and food insecurity.

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