Burkina Faso: in activity

This activity increased children’s motivation to go to school, as mentioned by Millogo Vincent De Paul, director of the Wona Bilingual School.
“The fact that the students have not stopped asking me when there will be another event, shows the extent to which the activity interested the children.”

To support teachers and improve school enrollment, the Foundation has developed, in collaboration with the Caravan of Hope, a workshop based on the approach of personal development through play and dance. The workshop helped nearly 1,300 children to play using 500 costumes, art supplies and magical drums creating a great learning environment. The caravan has been so popular that many students who had dropped out of school returned to participate and eventually continued school. In general, this has helped many children overcome shyness and develop their self-esteem. Many children who initially did not have the courage to speak in public were able to easily express themselves thereafter. The experiment was so popular that children still sang the songs they had learned with the caravan several months earlier.

After its tremendous success in 2012, the Caravan of Joy returned in 2014 to Burkina Faso. The Canadian team, which comprised Sarina Condella, Baley Davis and Damarise Ste-Marie in addition to local artistes, were more confident in their role in the program and thanks to their previous experience, were able to deepen their understanding of the positive impact of this study program.

Their vision for 2014 was simple. The aim of the team was to impart and share with the school children, the frantic pace, instinctive intelligence and the healing power of art, while developing self-esteem and creative skills for the future. Another aspect of the program is that the different exercises and creative activities allow children to develop and acquire problem-solving skills. For some children, self-expression through art offers a sense of security in addition to a short time without work or sibling care duties. A unique opportunity when they can safely express their individualism and celebrate their childhood.

In short

  • Number of people affected by the activity: 3,197
  • 1,939 children from 7 elementary schools participated (2014-2015)
  • 1,258 children from 5 elementary schools participated (2012-2013)
  • 13 artists recruited
  • 9 participating teachers

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