Burkina Faso: in activity

“We just want the SEMAFO FONDATION to continue to train us and help us organize ourselves.”
Mr. Dassa Yédan, sesame producer

Judging by the testimonies received, this project greatly improves participants’ socio-economic conditions. Production of sesame contributes significantly not only to meeting children’s school fees and family healthcare expenses, but also to improving small farmers’ overall production methods.

Although sesame is the second-largest export crop of Burkina Faso, its quality has to be improved for it to gain access to the international markets of organic and even conventional sesame.

That is why the Foundation has established a program to develop sesame production by providing equipment and training to producers from the Mouhoun region. The training focused on the knowledge of the plant, the ecological requirements for its culture, planning, harvesting and storing of sesame. The Foundation also provides support to farmers for the marketing of the product to ensure the best price per kilogram.

The Foundation SEMAFO continues to prioritize sesame, because it is a cash crop that both men and women can easily implement. The progress achieved during several crop years encourages the SEMAFO Foundation, which has clearly made the right choice by supporting the sector, a real cash crop for our brave farmers.

Since 2018, the Foundation has been supporting production of organic sesame in the region of Boucle du Mouhoun. This method of cultivating sesame boosts producer income by enhancing their production capacity and improving its quality. The Foundation uses a variety of methods to help its producers such as providing information and awareness of production conditions and criteria, promoting learning on market standards and giving equipment. In their first year, the 21 producers used a total of 37 hectares of land in the village de Kona.

In short

  • Awarded prizes for quality work to 30 producers (2018-2019)
  • The 2018-2019 season: 1,831 producers from 41 villages produced 1,075,241 kg de sesame
  • $7,280,470 (FCFA 3,166,798,631) in income generated by sesame producers between 2009 and 2019
  • Summary of the year 2017-2018: $890,671 (FCFA 380,316,127) (2017-2018) for the benefit of 16,000 producers
  • Start of the project in Eastern Region (2016-2017)
  • 1,723 producers involved including 365 women (2016-2017)
  • 44 villages involved (2016-2017)
  • Summary of the year:  $556,219 (FCFA 252,545,960) (2016-2017)
  • Income generated $648,168 (FCFA 294,621,818) (2015-2016)
  • 42 villages involved (2016)
  • 212 individual female producers
  • 13,097 project beneficiaries (2015)
  • 1,871 producers directly impacted by the activity
  • 40 villages involved (2015)
  • 545 tonnes of sesame produced (2015)

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