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¼ hectare of land organized in 3 schools

The establishment of school gardens allowed participants to acquire good vegetable gardening skills and generate revenues of 70 000 FCFA or about $150 in the first year.

The school garden initiative in three schools stems from the desire to support children’s education by teaching them gardening activities and at the same time, to encourage the school canteens to become self-sufficient. Each school received a fenced-in quarter of a hectare, seeds and fertilizers. Some thirty people received training from ANPHV in the production of cabbages, onions, tomatoes, green beans, potatoes and the production of natural pesticides.

The gardens that we set up in schools, have been completely shut down. However, we helped set up a school garden at the Fobiri A school that is also a nursery. Because of our well at Missakongo, the school has immediately established its own school garden, with a fence made of thorns.

The Bana school had water supply problems. The discontinued water well that the Foundation had installed in 2010 no longer worked and had been repaired at our expense. In addition, to meet the school water needs in the village, we managed after 3 attempts to install another water well a little further from the school. We also donated water barrows with which to transport the water.

At the Dangouna and Wona schools, the school principals are struggling to mobilize parents to take over the children.

In short

  • Establishment of a new garden in Missakongo (2017-2018)
  • Installation of a solar energy pump and piping for the Fobiri garden (2017-2018)
  • Donations of supplies and fence for the school of Fobiri
  • A fenced-in, quarter hectare for each of the three schools of Bana, Wona, and Dangouna.
  • Thirty people, students and parents of students trained in market gardening techniques
  • A strategy for empowering school canteens.

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