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“The town is much cleaner, and the fact that the fields around the village are no longer full of plastic bags, makes farm work easier in these areas. The market and public places are now much improved. In general, life is more enjoyable now in Wona.”  Sidiki Kassié, project manager of the Foundation

In partnership with the oil company TOTAL Burkina, SEMAFO Foundation has implemented the Wona village sanitation project with the EAA (Water and Sanitation for Africa), a specialized Pan African institution, as a technical partner for the study and the overall development of the project and its implementation. After preparatory studies and the overall development of the project, the implementation of this project started in 2012-2013. In addition to the Pan African Intergovernmental Agency, a Canadian volunteer was involved over three months, from February to April 2013.

The work done in this first phase of the waste treatment project was to inform and mobilize stakeholders and leaders, train municipal actors; 12 men and women on the concept of sanitation, their role in the project, the regulatory framework and solid waste management in addition to mobilizing the population of the village. In addition, a waste treatment center was built in December 2012, consisting of a sanitation building and concrete tanks for composting, all enclosed by a wall.

In December 2013, a Canadian volunteer via our partner SACO accompanied the Green Brigade in Wona in the recycling of plastic waste. In addition, the manager of the Centre for Recycling Used Plastic Bags of Bobo Dioulasso, GAFREH (Women’s Action Group for Economic Recovery of Houet) came to explain to the group how to pick, wash, disinfect and dry the black plastic bags to cut into thin strips and put them into balls. From there, they can be crocheted or woven. This training enabled them to make purses, key chains, bags, hats and baskets they can sell in the village. Plastic bag management helps improve community’s environment, health and economy.

In short

  • The women in the Sanya group raised community awareness on hygiene and sanitation (2018-2019)
  • The 13 female members of the Sanya group in Wona generated $5,668 (FCFA 2,465,400) in income and redistributed proceeds of $3,716 (FCFA 1,616,500) (2018-2019)
  • Clean-up day at Wona, which included donation of 300 T-shirts, gloves, masks, rakes and wheelbarrows (2017-2018)
  • $1,775 (FCFA 758,000) in income from waste management (2017-2018)
  • $4,836 (FCFA 2,065,150) in revenue generated by the simplified water supply network (l’AEPS) (2017-2018)
  • Involvement of the Green Brigade in management of the Wona simplified mini-water supply system (2016-2017)
  • Training carried out by Mrs. Liboudo of the Bobo Dioulasso Plastic Bag Recycling Center to the women of the Green Brigade (2014)
  • Three times a month, the 12-member Green Brigade visits each household to collect garbage
  • As the plastic waste is recycled, the income from the sale of the made-up articles and collection fees are used to pay wages to the Green Brigade

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