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The “Poultry-raising” project is a profitable activity in a growth sector where the prices are constantly changing.

The first poultry project was initiated in September 2016 in Somona (20 women beneficiaries) with the construction of a henhouse, the purchase of 1,000 chicks, accessories, food, vaccines and training. The project has made significant progress in terms of poultry quality and opening of new markets. Increasingly, it is becoming the main poultry supplier for the Mana Mine (a SEMAFO mine) to the extent that it may not be able to fulfill orders in the near future due to production capacity. It therefore seemed appropriate to initiate two other similar projects in the villages of Dangouna and Natongou to share and popularize the Somona experience. This project had the benefit of empowering more women and their households in meeting their multiple tasks. It has also enabled the women to acquire qualifications and know-how that will enable the project to continue following cessation of mining operations.

To operationalize the projects in Dangouna and Natongou, SEMAFO Foundation will provide the women with technical and financial assistance through the construction of a chicken co-operative, different types of training, the material needed to start the project as well as organization of women in groups. The beneficiaries will contribute in kind given the modest means at their disposal.

The Natongou project commenced in October 2017 with 20 female beneficiaries and will last 2 years or 10 production cycles, each with 500 broilers. The Foundation believes that after this period, the beneficiaries will be self-sufficient and able to take ownership of the project. Follow-up measures will be considered as guidance and will not be accounted for in the duration of the project.

The Dangouna project began in February 2018.

In short

  • Revenue generated: $26,845 (FCFA 11,462,670) for the 92 direct beneficiaries from 4 groups. (2017-2018
  • $37,266 (FCFA 15,912,602) income generated during the first two years of the project (2016-2018)
  • Donation of a motortricycle to the women of Somona (2017-2018)
  • 2nd sale of 500 chickens, $4,900 (FCFA 2,284,050) (2016-2017)
  • Proceeds from the Somona Poultry Project generated by the sale of the first 500 chickens: $ 2,785 (FCFA 1,253,500) (November 2016)


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