Burkina Faso: in activity
Niger: Project completed in 2014

Reduction of cases of diarrhea and vomiting (due to ordinary germs and pathogens such as E. coli caused by fecal contamination) in addition to malaria.

One of our education-related goals is to deliver lasting improvements in hygiene standards in schools and villages that will help boost the health of children between 2 and 16-years old and that of their families.

To contribute to this objective, we need to address not only children’s behavior relative to hygiene and water, but also work on hydraulic and sanitary infrastructure in schools and villages.

These include customary practices of daily life. It is expected that children will acquire habits that prevent the spread of water- and hygiene-related diseases in school and at home. The activity also aims to reinforce common behavior patterns such as adequate consumption of water, regular hand washing and use of latrines.

In short

  • 4 latrines and 2 showers (2015-2016) in the Est region

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