Agriculture and Revenue-generating Activities

The term « Agriculture and RGA » encompasses all revenue-generating activities that relate to agriculture and farming. Burkina Faso is a predominately agricultural country. The population pressure leads to competition for land that is more keenly felt in mining areas where land is already scarce. SEMAFO Foundation guides communities in increasing their agricultural production with an emphasis on modern animal husbandry methods. This is directly aligned with SDG #1 No poverty, #2 Zero hunger et #5 Gender equality.

Agri-food processing
Beekeeping project
– Peanut project
– Sumbala project
Animal-fattening projects
– Poultry-raising (laying hens, broilers and local )
– Rabbit farming
– Sheep-fattening project
– Fish farming
– Pig farming
Cereal bank Project
Hygiene and fertilization project
Market-gardening project
Plant nursery
Production and transformation of shea
Grain Bank Project (Warrantage) 

In short

  • 161,381 people affected as at June 30, 2019
  • $8,092,634 in income generated as at June 30, 2019
  • $1,259,284 invested as at June 30, 2019

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