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SEMAFO Foundation, together with the DAIZ Burkina and Phare associations, wish to help prevent early and unwanted schoolgirl pregnancies, in addition to teaching the population about family planning and the HIV virus/AIDS. Improving young people’s sexual health and reducing young girls’ school drop-out rates are also central to this awareness-raising project.

In fact, schoolgirl pregnancies often prove problematic for both the girls and their families. Their families are often very poor and do not have the financial means to cover medical or hospital care. This often results in the young girls experiencing a difficult birth leading to obstetrical fistula, loss of the mother and/or baby’s life. Furthermore, the young girl has to drop out of school. We believe that by sensitizing young girls, we are helping avoid difficult situations for both them and their families while giving them the opportunity to have a better future.

The first campaign was held in January 2018. The teachers, instructors and parents all reported an improvement in student behaviour since the previous campaigns. The students made good use of the advice and information given, were alerted to the danger of early sexual activity and began to adopt more responsible behaviour. Education advisors even noticed a sizeable reduction in school pregnancies in the 2017-2018 year.

In short

  • 3,500 people affected (2018-2019)
  • Sensibilised 3 villages (Konkoliko, Lah and Wona) using videos with regard to HIV/AIDS and family planning in partnership with the DAIZ and PHARE associations (2018-2019)
  • Through the projection of videos, raised awareness on early/unwanted pregnancies and HIV/AIDS in 5 high schools and colleges (Bana, Kona, Wona, Fobiri and Pompoï), in partnership with the DAIZ and PHARE associations (2018-2019)
  • Organisation of awareness-raising campaigns on early/unwanted pregnancies at school level (1,500 students impacted) and family planning (800 people) in the Mana area, in partnership with the DAIZ and PHARE associations (2017-2018)

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