Year 2013-2014

* Construction of a school canteen at the CEG of Bossey Bangou
* Support for the Paprika project and purchase of equipment (pumps, irrigation pipes and processing equipment)
* Purchase of 19 bikes
* Construction of a block of two classrooms and a block of 2 latrines at the Franco-Arab school in Boulkagou
* Purchases of portable solar lamps S10-D.light for the CM2 students
* Purchase off oods for school meals in Bossey Bangou
* Provided training in Management Techniques for seven members of the school canteen
* Distribution of 2,477 school kits
* Resettlement of people of GarbeyKourou after floods
* Hand-washing facilities purchase for the kindergarten of Boulkagou

Year 2012-2013

* Shipments of 1,020 boxes containing 94,267 different items (books, clothes, medical supplies etc.)
* Well drilling at Bolsi
* Purchase and installation of a grain mill for Dkikiri
* Irrigation project for hedge fenses at Tiawa schools and Djikiri
* Construction of a school and latrines of Koutoumé
* Construction of a school and latrines for the district Larba Birno
* Support for Paprika project
* Construction of a block of 2 latrines at the kindergarten and 3 blocks of 2 latrines at the primary school in Boulkagou
* Electrification of CEG Boulkagou
* Installing of solar panels at the Djounga II infirmary
* Installing of solar panels at the maternity of Tiawa and Bolsi
* Distribution of 5,500 school kits
* Purchase of vegetable seeds, onion and beans
* Making of 8 tables for the kindergarten at Boulkagou
* Purchase of football shirts and balls for the CEG of Boulkagou and Bossey Bangou
* Purchases of hooks for weaving mats with milk bags

Year 2011-2012

* Shipments 1101 boxes containing 148 931 items (books, clothes, medical supplies etc.)
* Hiring a coordinator and three supervisors for the Paprika Project
* Construction of two women centers with sewing houses in Bossey Bangou and Garbey Kourou
* Electrification of the village at Libiri
* Electrification of eight elementary schools and 2 CEG
* Water supply works for 3 colleagues (Larba Birno, Boulkagou and Bossey Bangou)
* Establishment of two mesh fences for schools and Djikiri Tiawa
* Hedges Fence work for 2 primary schools (Djikiri and Tiawa), with a view to protecting and restoring the environment
* Shipments of 276 desks
* Fence for kindergarten at Boulkagou
* Construction of CEG at Boulkagou
* Distribution of 5,000 school kits (kits pencils, slates and chalk, notebooks, rulers) 4200 bead sets, 2000 sets of play dough, 2000 jump ropes, and 1000 notebooks


Year 2010-2011

* Shipments of 1,896 boxes containing 76,280 miscellaneous items (books, clothes, etc.)
* Purchase of 2 swingsets with slide and seesaw swings (one on each side) for kindergarten Boulkagou
* Construction of a school in Djikiri
* Gotheye documentation center renovation
* Connection of several schools to the power line
* Establishment of a project generating paprika production revenue
* Repair the maternity Bolsi
* Repair of two classrooms Boulkagou
* Purchase of a truck to transport the donations
* Class and Equipment Construction at Libiri, Niafourou and Tiawa
* Construction of double latrines for the CEG Bossey Bangou and schools at Libiri, Niafourou and Tiawa
* Food support against famine (purchase of 300 sacks of sorghum and 300 bags of millet to 25 villages and hamlets) * Participation in the drilling of a well at Libiri
* Purchase and distribution of 3,000 school kits
* Sewing Training

Year 2009-2010

* 692 boxes of various items (books, clothes, etc.)
* Sinking a water well drilling
* Support for people during floods
* Public support for the fight against hunger
* Participation in the electrification of the village of Bossey Bangou
* Construction of 7 elementary schools and secondary schools
* Purchase of furniture and supplies for schools
* Construction of 4 latrines for CEG and two primary schools
* Training support to seamstresses
* Construction of a health center in Bossey Bangou
* Purchase of medicines for health huts
* Support to repair a maternity ward
* Purchase of agricultural equipment for food crops

Year 2008-2009

In its first months of operation, the SEMAFO Foundation focused on the distribution of material gifts.

* 569 boxes of various items (books, clothes, etc..) were shipped to villages in the region of Tillabery and the urban community of Niamey: Bossey Bangou, Boulkagou, Bolt Djounga I and II Bossia, Garbey Kourou, Guidérée, Kalla, Larba Birno, Larba Koira Zeno, Libiri, Nabombori, Niafourou, Mandaou, Talle, Touré, Tiawa, the CEGs and the school department of Téra, and the University of Abdou Moumouni in Niamey.


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