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The confidence bestowed upon the SEMAFO Foundation by its donors is essential to the Foundation. As a member of Imagine Canada’s Standards program, the SEMAFO Foundation meets the expectations of its donors and demonstrates its commitment to high standard for accountability and transparency.

- With $20, the SEMAFO Foundation can provide a certificate of birth to 20 children,
giving them a legal status and access to public services

- With $50, the Foundation can feed a child for an entire school year

- With $100, the Foundation can provide a farmer the tools
and seed necessary to produce enough to feed his family


Burkina Faso: in activity   The hygiene and fertilization section is a multisectoral sustainable development project, as it takes into account the aspects of sanitation, environment, productivity and social cohesion. Inspired by the successful experience of the KOASSANGA Association in the locality of Barkouytenga, this project was carried out for the displaced households of the […]


Burkina Faso : en activité

L’objectif global du warrantage est de lutter contre la pauvreté et l’insécurité alimentaire. Dans le souci d’appuyer les petits producteurs afin de leur permettre de tirer le maximum de profit de leur travail, la Fondation SEMAFO en partenariat avec la caisse COOPEC Kayoro de Dédougou a initié le warrantage du sésame à titre de projet pilote en 2015, avec le groupement de producteurs de sésame de Kona.


Burkina Faso: in activity Chantal Guérin, director of the SEMAFO Foundation, visited several women’s groups in order to train them to pick mats from recycled milk bags. These mats made from Canadian milk bags are thicker and the plastic is specially designed to stay fresh and repel insects. Women appreciate it a lot for these […]


Burkina Faso : en activité

La Fondation SEMAFO désireuse de soutenir la création d’emplois, a profité de la rareté de couturiers dans la région de l’Est pour mettre en place un projet Couture. Devant, l’opportunité de l’installation de la mine de Boungou et des besoins en uniforme de la société, l’opportunité était à saisir.

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