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The “Poultry farming” project is a profitable project as the market is buoyant and prices are constantly changing.

The first poultry project is Somona (20 women beneficiaries) started in September 2016 with the construction of a henhouse, the purchase of 1,000 chicks, accessories and food, vaccines and training. The latter has very appreciable results in terms of poultry quality and acquisition of markets. Increasingly, this project is becoming the main poultry supplier of the Mana Mine (SEMAFO project) to the point that in the near future, it may not be able to fulfill the orders from the view of its productive capacities. It therefore seemed appropriate to initiate two other similar projects in the villages of Dangouna and Natongou, so that the Somona experience is shared and popularized. This project had the merit of making other women and their household independent to allow them to honor their multiple burdens. It has also enabled these women to acquire a qualification and know-how that will make it possible to sustain the project following the closure of the Société Minière.

For the operationalization of the project in Dangouna and Natongou, the SEMAFO Foundation will provide women with technical and financial assistance through the construction of a chicken coop, various trainings, the inputs needed to start the project as well as support for the project. organization of women in groups. The contribution of the beneficiaries will be in kind given the modest means at their disposal.

The Natongou project started in October 2017 with 20 female beneficiaries and will last 2 years, or 10 cycles of production of 500 broilers each. The Foundation believes that after this period, the beneficiaries will be able to take their autonomy in order to appropriate the project. The following will be considered as an accompaniment and cannot be taken into account in the duration of the project.
The Dangouna project will begin in February 2018.

In short

  • Delivery of a mototricycle to the women of Somona (2016-2017)
  • 2nd sale of 500 chickens, $ 4,900 (2,284,050 FCFA) (2016-2017)
  • First recipe of the Somona Poultry Project at the sale of the first 500 chickens: $ 2,785 (1,253,500 FCFA) (November 2016)

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