Burkina Faso: in activity
Niger: Project completed in 2014

The project in collaboration with HPI motivated husbands to let their wives attend consultations and encouraged women who were not regulars to come more often.

A number of health projects were carried out in Niger, including the construction of a health center in Bossey Bangou in partnership with the Rotary Club of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. In addition, solar energy has helped to improve working conditions in the different rural health services locations in both Niger and Burkina Faso especially during the nights when emergency work was previously done with flashlights. In Burkina Faso, a partnership was established with ESF (Électriciens Sans-Frontières of Rhone-Alpes), a French NGO for solar electrification.

SEMAFO Foundation, in collaboration with Health Partners Canada (HPI), has distributed mother-child kits containing drugs and nutritional supplements and delivery materials to women who regularly attend health centers and maternity for their consultations (ANC , postnatal and infant). These SEMAFO Foundation donations offer strong support against malnourishment, in addition to also improving mother-children health.

In short

  • Installation of a fence for Wona CSPS
  • 42,000 people affected since 2009
  • Renovation of the CSPS of Wona in partnership with TOTAL, in addition to construction of 2 latrines and a shower (2015)
  • 7,740 persons impacted (2014-2015)Electrification of the Tiawa health center, the maternity clinic in Bolsi and the Boulon Djounga health center in Niger (October 2012)
  • Electrification of 6 health centers in Burkina Faso: Bana, Dangouna, Kona, Wona and Yona in 2011 and Mana in 2013.
  • Construction of a health center in Bossey Bangou in Niger (2009)
  • Improved drug and vaccine storage conditions

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